simply because the word love isn’t written in your book.

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Here are some best of wolverines. He is just as angry as everyone remembers but with a whole lot more 90s jokes. The 8 minutes are worth it I swear. I don’t know if this was reposted before but It needs to be shared. 

oh myGOD

“i hope you’re into…



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Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.

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hey guys! so i’m trying to be more active on my art blog and i thought i’d post the link here if anyone was interested!



instead of spending so much time assuring other people that “asexuals can have sex to please their partner” why don’t we spend time assuring asexuals that they are under no obligation to have sex with their partners to please them, and that if their partner cant respect their sexuality, they don’t deserve them.

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"Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive."
- (via terrifyes)
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i think i am a better ghost than i am a human being. 

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Showing my favourite movie to my friends